Three Things I Stand For:

  1. The Free Market
  2. Repealing of Obamacare
  3. Personal Freedom

As a free market conservative, I know that the government cannot do anything better than people can do acting without government.

Our families, our schools, our businesses, our finances, our health. Government has no right to tell us how to live or behave, or weigh in on these issues.

Gun Control:

  • Opposed to any additional gun control legislation and regulation until existing laws enforced
  • Supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms of citizens
  • Will propose or sign onto legislation to guarantee federal “right to bear arms”


  • In favor of giving tax incentives to creation of small business the way parents are given incentives for child birth
  • In favor of lower corporate tax


  • Pro-life


  • In favor of reducing corporate taxes
  • In favor of reducing income taxes
  • Against all increases in tax


  • In favor of immediate requirement of supermajority votes for debt spending
  • In favor of mandatory reduction in national debt

Government Spending:

  • In favor of reducing overall spending on every single government program
  • In favor of elimination of “automatic increases” in yearly budgeting
  • In favor of immediate restoration of spending to 1990 levels
  • In favor of immediate hiring freezes at federal level
  • In favor of balanced budget amendment
  • In favor of balanced budgets; budgets are not balanced if borrowing keeps them in balance


  • Opposed to amnesty


  • In favor of reducing federal control of schools, placing control back in the hands of local elected officials
  • In favor of teaching American exceptionalism in schools

Small Business:

  • Small business in the backbone of the American economy and should be freed from unnecessary regulation; will oppose overregulation of small business


  • In favor of 2nd Amendment rights
  • In favor of literal interpretation of Constitution
  • Opposes government rules to instruct citizens on what to eat, how to live, and incentives to instruct citizens to alter personal behavior
  • Opposes spending of tax money on commercials to tell citizens not to break certain laws


  • In favor of revoking and defunding Obamacare


  • In favor of more permits for drilling
  • In favor of more refineries


  • In favor of providing assistance to Israel

National Defense:

  • In favor of restricting National Guard service to the continental United States
  • National defense should be used to support America’s interests, not policing the world