About Ian

I’m a free market conservative and small business owner.

My priority is to return control of government to the people, and force government to abide by our Constitution and the rule of law.


Ian Bayne’s resume resembles that of a founding father more than a contemporary American professional.

As a small business owner, his work is in the areas of real estate brokerage, real estate valuation, commercial construction, and private investigation. Additionally, he is a represented voiceover talent and syndicated radio talk show host.

His radio programs, self-syndicated with 15 affiliates, airs his weekend program and daily 90 second commentary nationwide.

Born on Christmas day in 1973 to a single mother in Evanston Illinois, Ian relocated nearly every year, from Chicago to the southwest suburbs, to Urbana, Kansas, and Iowa, all before age 10.

Ian didn’t have much growing up, and spent his teenage years in a high crime neighborhood of Boston.

After joining college ROTC while briefly attending the University of Massachusetts at Boston, he was forced to drop out of college in order to pay for living expenses.

Although his first paycheck was received for a rock band he formed in high school that performed at local colleges in Connecticut at around age 17, his late teenage years and into his 20′s were spent doing all kinds of different jobs: telemarketer, movie theater usher, public opinion pollster, deli counter, hotel banquets, and odd temp jobs. Ian also worked in eight hotels in the Boston area in restaurant and hotel management and operations.

A lifelong Republican, tired of the political culture in Massachusetts, Ian founded a political action committee in 1998 that was chartered by the state Republican Party, and grew the organization to over 1,000 members.

After dedicating five years to assisting various Republican campaigns, serving in different capacities, Ian came home to Illinois after a brief appointment to the Romney 2002 gubernatorial campaign.

While back home, Ian launched a voice acting career that put him on the airwaves, and, after the 2008 presidential election results, decided to add political commentary to his efforts.Ian is a member of both the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

Ian served in the United States Army National Guard and Reserves from 1997 until 2003, where he was assigned to combat engineer, drill sergeant, and JAG units. He briefly attended University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Ian currently resides in Aurora with his wife Carolyn.

His hobby is gourmet cooking and playing music.